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Supplying Mauritius with professional and high-quality security services.

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About our company?

Implemented in Mauritius in mid 2014, the company engages itself into services to minimize the risk against burglaries, thefts and also the acts of vandalism within the property protection services.
Our company vision is to offer services that bring peace of mind to our clients and to develop a positive environment throughout the world. 
Our teams consist of talented individuals with highly valuable experience and thorough understanding of every aspects of security.

Looking for Solutions?

Click below to find more about the distinguished services we offer. Ranging from personal to corporate through special needs, you can discover more information about the perfect fit for your protection.

To what you have access?

Immediate Response

Speed is key and we firmly trust that dispatching a team within the accurate response time truly changes the definition of protection.


Our teams carry great responsibilities and our trust in the way they operate has never been stronger. Our policies make sure that our teams maintain the trusted bond with our clients.

Flexible Scalability

We have our teams ready to operate on any size of project you have. From private security to large scale operations, we cover it all.

Expert Approach

From the very beginning of the relation with our clients, we provide the precise and tailored approach to resolve any disturbance.

Community Service

We engage ourselves into transforming communities into safe and friendly ones through our teams' efforts.

Around the clock protection

We make sure our services are up and running at any time of the day so that you can the peace of mind you've been looking for.

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